The Unnamed Umbrella Association Project

Description: These are unstructured session notes of meetings around the topic of “Umbrella Organizations”. The dicussion to form this group started when likeminded people met at Ohm2013. Such shell organisations empower individual projects and participants by allowing them to group together in order to apply for larger grants as a group (preventing impedence mismatch with large grant awarding orgs), have shared services like accounting, contract management, but also services like VPNs, SIP, email servers, all in order to reduce the effort for its members to get their important work done. You might think of it as many small fishes swimming together like a bigger fish.

Topics are: Processes in umbrella orgs, support infrastructure, legal discussion, incubation of umbrellas.

Archived Meeting Notes

NEXT MEETING: Online: etherpad + IRC.


see dudle:

What (Our first online meeting! \o/)

  • Agenda (editable): [PLEASE ADD ITEMS BEFORE MEETING!]
  • Current agenda:
  • 1. Past Progress made on tasks that were pledged at the first meeting.

Where (online)

1. Etherpad: (ok to reuse pads because of the “revisioning feature” and copies made to the wiki for long term storage)

2. IRC: #umbrella (if you do not have an installed IRC client use this link:



Mailing List

Initial Proposals


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